Regional Committee of Financial Cooperatives and Cooperative Banks (COFIA)

What is the COFIA?

It is a specialized body of Cooperatives of the Americas, it is a sectoral organization, it is a non-legal consultative body of the Regional Board of Cooperatives of the Americas, established to increase the business competitiveness of each and every one of its members.

Features and functions

– Be a support for the Regional Board of Directors of Cooperatives of the Americas in the defense and articulation with international entities that issue accounting, financial, supervision and regulation standards that affect financial cooperatives and cooperative banks.


– Be a permanent support to the cooperative financial sector of the region.

– Serve as a consultation body for the Cooperative Bodies of the Americas, in matters and problems that concern financial cooperatives and cooperative banks in the region.

– Establish the committee as a space for discussion, analysis, and exchange among financial cooperatives and cooperative banks in the Americas, to increase the competitiveness of their organizations.

– Serve as a link and facilitate useful communication for all its members, allowing the constant flow of information.

– Promote business and commercial development of cooperative financial activity in the Americas.

– Support the development of cooperative financial initiatives in the countries of the region.

– Facilitate an effective link between financial cooperatives and cooperative banks in the Americas.

– Nurture with its development the discussions and debates of the International Committee of Cooperative Banks (ICBA) of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

– Maintain close coordination with the corresponding global committee and with the Regional Office of Cooperatives of the Americas.

Board of Directors 2022-2026