Regional Committee for Gender Equity (CREG)


The Regional Committee for Gender Equity, CREG, is a specialized body of Cooperatives of the Americas. A Thematic Committee for the Region of the Americas.

Its duties?

To be a support and a permanent reference in issues of Gender Equity in Cooperatives.

Serve as a consultation body for the Cooperative Bodies of the Americas, in those matters and problems that concern the development of gender equity.

Being a support for the Regional Board of Directors of the Cooperatives of the Americas in the defense and articulation with the international entities issuing policies and guidelines on gender equality.

Establish the committee as a space for discussion, analysis, and exchange among the cooperatives of the Americas, to promote the participation and integration of women and men on an equal basis in the cooperatives.

Serve as a link and facilitate useful communication for all its members, allowing the constant flow of information.

Promote and support the mainstreaming of the goal of gender equity in all decision-making processes and in the implementation of policies and programs; promote the empowerment of women and men under conditions of equity in decision-making processes and access to power in the cooperatives of the Americas.

Facilitate an effective link between the cooperatives of the Americas that work on the issue of gender equity.

Maintain close coordination with the corresponding global committee and with the Regional Office of Cooperatives of the Americas

What requirements do organizations have to meet to be members of the CREG COOP?

Cooperative organizations that meet the following requirements may be members of this Committee:

 Have a policy, or want to develop it, oriented towards gender equality. Therefore, they are considered grassroots cooperatives as well as sector integration organizations.

 Being from a country in the Americas.

 Subscribe to these Operating Rules as well as the statutes, regulations, principles and values ​​issued by the International Cooperative Alliance and Cooperatives of the Americas
Organizations that meet the above requirements and that are full or associate members of the Alliance may, if they so wish, become members of this Committee, having to inform the Committee's Board of Directors and the Regional Office for such purposes.

Membership is lost if the organization does not comply with the norms and rules of operation of this Committee and the Regional Administration Council of the Cooperatives of the Americas, as well as if its membership in the Alliance ceases.

Board of Directors 2022-2026