Sectoral Organization of Agricultural Cooperatives (REDACOOP)


The Sectoral Organization of Agricultural Cooperatives of Cooperatives of the Americas is conceived as a form of organization made up of cooperative organizations related to the agricultural and related sectors of America.

The purpose of Redacoop is to strengthen agricultural cooperative organizations through collaboration and joint action in various areas.

All agricultural, agricultural, agro-industrial and agricultural production cooperative organizations in the Americas willing to contribute to the objectives of Redacoop can be members.

Redacoop objectives

Promote business relations between cooperative organizations that are members of Redacoop.

Promote exchanges on good practices and innovations.

Promote inter-cooperation among Redacoop members.

Background of the Redacoop

On March 20 and 21, 2013, a work meeting was held with the purpose of moving to a formal stage of constitution of the Agricultural Network.

The immediate background to the meeting is:

II Cooperative Summit of the Americas (Panama, June 2012)
Almost a thousand participants endorsed the Declaration of Panama which contains a clear indication to Cooperatives of the Americas to promote the constitution of the Agricultural Network: "To promote the creation of the American Network of Agricultural Cooperatives so that it responds to the needs of the associated organizations in terms of information, marketing, training, exchange of experience, research and technology, identity and business management".

International Summit of Cooperatives (Québec, October 2012)

On this occasion, a working breakfast was held with Mr. Denis Richard, President of the Coop Fédérée who took up this initiative that allows putting into practice the principle of inter-cooperation among the Agricultural cooperatives of the Americas. «The cooperatives have walked alone for a long time, each one in its sector of activities, in its region. We need to find the means to be much more proactive in developing North-South, North-North and South-South cooperation and to cooperate much more between the different sectors of activity in order to reach the maximum development potential of cooperatives in the world. »

Board of Directors 2022-2026