XI Regional Conference of ICA Americas

Cooperativism: Opportunity in the face of the crisis, the challenges facing free trade.

This Conference "Cooperativism: Opportunity in the face of the Crisis - Challenges in the face of Free Trade"
was developed considering the current situation of the great majorities in our continent, where
the cooperative movement proposes and assumes the commitment to display different alternatives
solidarity in favor of the social and economic development of the most disadvantaged, being the model
cooperative the alternative of social organization to face the increasingly complex situation
of our towns. But it is clear that cooperatives alone cannot do everything, they need
integrate into business and politics, so in this effort of integration, articulation and
incident closed – see conclusions – In a New Definition of Cooperativism – Facing Challenges Together.

In terms of participation, the results exceeded expectations, since there were 287
Paraguayan participants and 218 foreign participants, for a total of 505 participants.
The participation of high authorities also demonstrated the importance of this event, as well as the
presence of ICA representatives worldwide. However, it is the duty and commitment of
this Regional Office, always continue to improve, seeking quality and excellence in this type of
of activities.