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Organizational chart

Organizational structure of Cooperatives of the Americas

General Assembly

The Regional Assembly of Cooperatives of the Americas is part of the governance structure of the International Cooperative Alliance in accordance with Article 19 of the Alliance Regulations and is the highest authority body of Cooperatives of the Americas.

Board of directors

Among the functions of the Board of Directors is that of «Ensure compliance with the mission and vision and affairs of Cooperatives of the Americas among
the meetings of the Regional Assembly. The members of the Council have the obligation to act good faith, in accordance with what is established in the Statute and the Rules, and show the best behavior ethical as members of the Council.

Executive committee

The Regional Administration Council will appoint, from among its regular members, a Committee
Executive composed of the President, two Vice Presidents, the Secretary and three members
numbers that come from countries other than that of the President. The functions of said
Committee will consist of attending to the ordinary or urgent matters of Cooperatives of the
Americas when the Regional Administration Council cannot meet.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is made up of 3 regular members and 2 alternates, among the regular members and alternates of the Regional Administration Council who are not also members of the Executive Committee. 

The Chairman of this committee must be a regular member of the Board of Directors and have accounting experience and knowledge.