International Labor Organization, ILO.

A century-old cooperation process.

The cooperative sector has maintained a close relationship with the International Labor Organization, ILO. This historical relationship has had historical events such as ILO Recommendation 193 (2002). Which generated a deep impact in the cooperative world and especially in the Region of the Americas. Which has been able to take advantage of this Recommendation to reflect in different cooperative legislations references to the Cooperative Identity, even reaching the National Constitutions as has been expressed by different experts in Cooperative Law.

Activities such as the webinar on the 20th anniversary of Recommendation 193, held from the Regional Office of Cooperatives of the Americas in 2022 with the participation of ILO representatives. Those who advanced the materials that would later be analyzed in the framework of the 110th Meeting of the International Labor Conference.

All this evidences a cooperative relationship that has its continuity in the participation of different authorities in the activities organized by Cooperatives of the Americas, Regional Conferences and Cooperative Summit, or the articulation and participation of the American cooperative sector in relation to the Declaration of the Centennial and at the 110th Session of the International Labor Conference. in relation to the great family of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

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Decent work and the social and solidarity economy. 

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