Who are we

The International Cooperative Alliance

The International Cooperative Alliance is an independent non-governmental organization that brings together, represents and serves cooperative organizations around the world.

Currently, it counts among its members 310 organizations from 107 countries that represent almost 1.000 million people around the world.

The Alliance has four regional offices in: Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. The Regional Offices operate within the administrative structure of the Alliance, in support of the work of the Secretariat in Brussels and as a liaison tool between the cooperatives of each of the continents and the world network.

Each of them has a Regional Director and specialized professional staff.

Cooperatives of the Americas

Cooperatives of the Americas (formerly ICA-Americas) is the regional representation of the Alliance for the American continent.

The Regional Office for the Americas was established in 1990 in San José, Costa Rica. Its primary objective is "to promote the repositioning of the cooperative model in the new economic, political, social and commercial environment, supporting the member organizations of the Alliance in the Americas in the dissemination and defense of the cooperative identity, the promotion of business and the human resource development”.


The Regional Office is the link between the cooperatives of the American continent and the world network, which facilitates their participation in specialized networks, allowing them to get involved with the sector of their interest. In addition, it is responsible for implementing the decisions made by the regional political bodies of Cooperatives of the Americas and operationalizing development projects.