Internship at Argentina 2024

«A century of integration and generation of cooperative business groups for territorial development» 


There will be 5 days full of cooperative experiences, legacy and development of cooperative ecosystems from the territories. 


Visits will be made to cooperatives that are part of the NODOS Foundation, the Cooperative Association Argentinapulls out (agricultural and agroindustrial sector); he  Insurance Group, La Segunda (insurance sector); They endorse  (health sector), with the support of COVAECO (tourism sector).


The internship seeks for those who attend to deepen their knowledge about the history and advances of these models. Its impact, its contributions to territorial development, its approaches directed towards innovative processes related to the bioeconomy. To the relationship between sustainability and generation of cooperative ecosystems for the benefit of the social base. Initiatives that are part of the legacy of generations of cooperatives that have contributed their efforts for more than a century of cooperative experiences.


General objective of the internship:


Make visible the capabilities of the cooperative sector to generate positive impact in the territories, while producing innovation in the business model, generating integration processes and ecosystems based on cooperative principles and values ​​that make them competitive at the local, national and international level. .


Internship date


June 9-14, 2024.


Economic proposal:


The internship will take place in five days, the cost of participation includes:

  • Six nights of accommodation in a single room,
  • Food services during the actual days of the internship,
  • Ground transfers during the actual days of the internship.
  • Tourist visits to the city of Rosario and Buenos Aires.

Not included:

  • Airline tickets,
  • Transfers airport – hotel, hotel – airport.

Investment value:       


Member organizations:                   1500 USD

Non-member organizations:             1850 USD.


Limited spaces, to ensure your space in the internship it is required to carry out a pre-registration process (in the following form) and payment prior to May 25, 2024.


Arrival in the City of Córdoba, Province of Córdoba, Sunday, June 9. 


The arrival is organized by the participants. 


Monday June 10,  

Departure in the morning from the City of Córdoba and visit Agricultural Cooperative, La Vencedora, Hernando founding associate of ACA Group (agricultural and agroindustrial sector).


Lunch and transfer to the city of Villa Maria to visit FINISHED, cooperative bioethanol production plant. 

Accommodation in Villa Maria, Province of Córdoba. 

Tuesday June 11th,  


Departure in the morning from the City of Villa María and visit one of the 61 Cooperative Development Centers of the ACA Group.

Lunch and transfer to Port of Timbúes of the ACA Group

Accommodation in Rosario, Province of Santa Fe. 


 Wednesday June 12,  


Departure in the morning from the City of Rosario and visit to the Sentidos Clinic, a space for care for the elderly of AVALIAN, cooperative organization of the health sector.

Lunch and visit to Nucleus, headquarters of the Insurance Group The second

Tour of the City of Rosario.

Accommodation in Rosario, Santa Fe.  


Thursday June 13,  


Departure in the morning from the City of Rosario and visit to the seed plant, ACA Group

Lunch and transfer to the City of Buenos Aires, visit to the headquarters of the ACA Group in Buenos Aires.

I work with the NODOS Foundation, cooperative organization of the health sector.

Tour of the City of Buenos Aires.

Accommodation in the City of Buenos Aires.   

Friday June 14,  

Institutional visit to the Confederation of Cooperatives Argentinayes, COOPERATE.

Lunch and free afternoon for participants. 

tailor-made internships

 These are processes developed to measure for cooperative organizations, where, according to the theme required by the entity, proposals are structured that allow generating new capacities or that strengthen existing ones.


These actions allow, among other elements, to bring cooperative experiences closer to the associates of the organizations, contributing to cooperative consolidation and promoting spaces for Inter-cooperation. 


They can be developed in person or online using technological tools.



face-to-face internships

 These are processes developed by Cooperatives of the Americas with defined approaches based on the organization's strategic guidelines. 


These actions seek, among other elements, to bring cooperative experiences of regional interest closer to organizations, contributing to cooperative consolidation, promoting spaces for Inter-cooperation. 


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